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About Us

A world where individuals feel inspired and empowered to manifest their destiny.

Mission Statement:

At Abundant Minds, we are dedicated to helping you realize your best life by taking advantage of every moment and transforming hardships into opportunities.

About Us:

We created Abundant Minds to spread a message of truth: you can overcome any obstacle set before you. As a person with epilepsy who was diagnosed at fourteen, founder Chelsei Russell, has spent most of his adult life discovering how to thrive despite his struggles. Now, he wants to share his drive, inspiration and fortitude with the world. By fusing his love for streetwear and his passion for helping others, Chelsei is redefining what it means to live with a lifelong ailment.

 Through supporting young adults in their quest for achieving their dreams, Abundant Minds seeks to contribute to epilepsy foundations while sharing knowledge, tools and advice with the wider community. Founded on the firm belief that a spark of inspiration can change one’s lifestyle, direction and future, Abundant Minds empowers others to abundantly create the life they’ve always dream't of.


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